We are pleased to welcome Dr Katherine Smith – GP Registrar to our team

cropped-logo.pngWelcome to Blamey Street Surgery

Blamey Street Surgery was established on this site in the early 1960s and has provided a broad based family practice with obstetrics, and other special services, over that period.

The team at Blamey Street Surgery is highly experienced and committed to the provision of quality family health care. Each member is able to provide you with current information and to discuss your appointments and general requirements.

Currently, six GP’s are associated with Blamey Street:

  • Dr Charles Oliver
  • Dr Richard Baguley (on leave)
  • Dr Max Graffen
  • Dr Joanne Osborne
  • Dr Rachel Glasson
  • Dr Katherine Smith – GP Registrar

Once a month Helen Hume-Jones, a diabetes educator, visits Blamey Street and offers expert advice for newly diagnosed and long-standing diabetics.

Blamey Street also has two  nurses, Donna (RN) and Lauren (RN) ) who provide clinical, educational and preventative services within the practice.

Kathrine is the Practice Manager, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the practice. She is assisted by Kelly, Julie, Sarah, Joel and Narelle, who are the friendly voices on the phone and the smiling faces at the front desk.