Medical Practitioners

Dr Charles Oliver (MBBS, DObst.RCOG)

Dr. Oliver has special interests in obstetrics, sports medicine, geriatrics, occupational health, neonate circumcision and family medicine. He is generally available Monday-Friday.

Dr Richard Baguley  (MBBS, B.Med.Sc, DObst.RCOG, FRACGP)

Dr. Baguley  has special interest in mental health, musculoskeletal medicine, and general family medicine.   Dr Baguley is on leave until further notice.

Dr Max Graffen (MBBS [Hons], DipA, DObstRCOG, FRACGP, GradDip [Geriatrics])

Dr Graffen has a particular interest in geriatrics and general family medicine. He is available 1.30-5pm Mondays, 8.30am-12pm Wednesday and 8am-11.30am  Thurs, Fridays.  He is not available on Tuesdays.

Dr Joanne Osborne (MBBS, B.BioMed Sci [Hons]) FRACGP

Dr Osborne  has a interest in refugee health as well as general family medicine, including womens health. She is available Mondays 9-12pm and Tuesdays and Fridays, 9am-4pm.

Dr Rachel Glasson (MBBS) FRACGP

Dr Glasson has special interests in Mental Health, eating disorders and general family medicine. She works Monday – Thursdays.

Dr Katherine Smith (MBBS)

Dr Smith is our GP registrars and is available everyday except Friday